Our Oysters Are Brought In Fresh Daily

At Jolie Pearl our Louisiana oysters are brought in fresh daily from the docks of Hopedale, Louisiana. At Jolie Pearl we use only the finest Louisiana “white tag” oysters. White tag oysters are special because they are handled with greater care than regular oysters and must always maintain an inner temperature of 50 degrees or less.

At Jolie Pearl our West Coast oysters come to us directly from the Puget Sound. Puget Sound is located in Washington State and is an inlet of the Pacific Ocean and also a part of the Salish Sea. Our premium West Coast oysters include such notables as Naked Roy, Cranberry Creek and the ever popular Kumamoto which boasts a clean melon flavor.

Jolie Pearl also brings you a variety of oysters from Canada, our neighbors from the great white North. Our specialty Canadian oysters are harvested from New Brunswick as well as the beautiful Baynes Sound. Baynes Sound is a narrow channel that separates Vancouver Island from the mainland of British Columbia. At Jolie Pearl you will have the opportunity to savor the unique tastes of such classic oysters as Beausoleil, Chef Creek and others.

The East brings us oysters from several different regions along The Atlantic Coast. From Long Island, NY you will sample delicious oysters such as Naked Cowboy and Blue Points. Blue Points are sometimes known as “beginner’s oysters” because of their medium size and mild meaty flavor. Our Duxbury Bay, MA oysters will allow you to enjoy such popular favorites as Big Rock, with their delicate texture and salty taste, as well as the sweet tasting Well Fleets which are grown in the cold calm waters of Cape Cod. Last but not least are our oysters from Chesapeake Bay, VA which include James River and the aqua-culturally grown Grand Pearls.

With the wide variety of specialty oysters offered at Jolie Pearl you are sure to compile your own unique list of favorites. Whether it be the traditional home grown classics or those from a distant coast, Jolie Pearl is sure to satisfy even the most refined of oyster aficionado.

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